Custom Furniture

1. Project description

The Project is described either by the architect either the decorator or the owner himself.

2. Analysis & Proposal

The available possibilities are endless. Not only concerning the materials and their combination (iron with leather, rattan with wood etc.) but also the design – dimensions and colors. We have a specialized team working on AutoCAD, to make the technical drawings which will give shape to any custom-made demand…Apart from producing any, custom-made demand, there are also our product collections, with items which are carefully selected so as to cover almost every kind of space (hotels, restaurants, café, beach, bars etc.) .

3. Selection Process

We discuss our design idea with the client and we are led to the final selection of products and quantities.

4. Packaging

High requirements packaging for the products to reach their destination with safety.

5. Logistics

An organized logistics department in specific timescale.

6. Delivery

Delivery and follow up to ensure that everything has been successfully completed.
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